Enter the address below in your cars Satellite Navigation system to make your journey easier:
920 Paul W Bryant Drive, Tuscaloosa, Alabama 35401

Day of game parking at the following lots will be available on a first-come, first served basis for $30

  • Grass Soccer Lot
  • Bryce Grass Parking Lot
  • Stallings Drive Lots
  • Lot B (Paved University medical Center Lot)
  • Lot 4 (Campus Dr. Parking Deck) – *People with Disabilities Only

The nearest parking is the West Commuter Parking Wallace Wade Lot other than the ones mentioned above. If visitors have no luck in finding parking either in the stadium premises or West Commuter parking, visitors can try looking for one at the Rose Administration parking space, Magnolia Parking Deck, Stadium Drive Parking Deck and West Ten Hoor Surface Lot.

Fans can also choose to park at University Mall and then take the Mall Shuttle. However, there have been a number of reports where vehicles are being broken in during games. Mall police are unable to assist any further as the mall parking does not have surveillance cameras. Parking may be FREE but it is definitely a higher risk of getting your windows smashed and belongings stolen.

There are also bike parking available around Bryant-Denny Stadium and The Alabama University campus.